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Wednesday 28 Feb 2024
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NIH News in Health

Practical health information reviewed by the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) medical experts.
NIH News in Health
  1. February 2024
    Mindfulness Training Can Promote Healthy Choices
    Dejunking Your Diet : The Drawbacks of Ultra-Processed Foods
    Decoding Dyslexia : Helping Kids Who Struggle With Reading
    Dr. Ashley Gearhardt on Addiction and Ultra-Processed Foods
    Dr. Jack Fletcher on Dyslexia
    Alcohol-Related Blackouts
    Cancer Information Service
  2. January 2024
    Artificial Intelligence and Your Health : How Computers are Helping Medicine
    Intermittent Fasting and Type 2 Diabetes
    Spit Happens : The Surprising Importance of Saliva
    Enter NIH’s Youth Art Challenge on Prevention
    Eye Health for Kids
  3. December 2023
    App Aids Autism Screening
    Clearing the Air : All About Airborne Viruses
    The Hazards of Hypothermia : Stay Warm in Cold Weather
    Yoga for Health: A New e-Book
    Brain Basics
  4. November 2023
    Be a Citizen Scientist : Help Researchers Solve Puzzling Problems
    Insights Into Long COVID
    Sore, Scratchy Throat? : Soothing Pain From Illness or Allergy
    Helping a Child Who Is Overweight
    Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center
  5. October 2023
    To Heal a Wound : Helping the Skin Fix Itself
    Treating Hearing Loss to Help Brain Health
    Stamping Out Superbugs : A Clear and Present Danger
    Dr. Vance Fowler on Antibiotic Resistance
    What is Palliative Care?
    NIH Interactive Quizzes

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