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Friday 24 Mar 2023
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Lazolex® is a topical emollient gel with a soft (semi-solid) consistency, manufactured from three different silicones. which have well-known emollient properties, formulated to create a mechanical barrier with the aim of providing an optimal environment to manage skin inflammations and also to produce a product with general skin softener and soothing properties.

Lazolex® is indicated to relieve itching, stinging, burning and dry skin in case of dermatitis, especially when inflammation of the skin is due to pathogens. Posology is 2-4 times a day and recommended treatment course is 10 days.

A study to test Lazolex® permeation shows penetrability enough in the epidermis for exerting its action; however, it shows a low penetrability in the dermis area above the vascular plexus, which gives it systemic therapeutic safety.

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