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Sunday 28 May 2023
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Michael Guedevanishvili, Professor


1947-1953 Tbilisi State Medical Institute, Doctor

1953-1956 Institute of Experimental Surgery and Hematology, Georgian Academy of Sciences, postgraduate studies.

Scientific degrees

1958 First scientific degree (Candidate of Medical Sciences, Ph.D.) conferred by the Scientific Council of the Tbilisi Medical Institute (Dissertation title: Autonomic Nervous Control of Gastric Mucus Secretion)

1983 Second scientific degree (Doctor of Biological Sciences) conferred by the Scientific Council of the Institute of Development Biology, Georgian Academy of Sciences (Dissertation title: Regulative Function of Biogenic Amines and their Analogues in Cell Proliferation).

Professional experience

1957-1960 Junior Researcher, Departament of Pathomorphology, Institute of Experimental Surgery and Hematology

1960-1961 Senior Researcher, Drug Bioassay Laboratory, Chemical-pharmaceutical Inst., Tbilisi.

Since 1961 Chief of Biological Research Laboratory, Institute of Pharmacochemistry, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi; Professor.

Since 1969 Invited Professor of cell physiology, Tbilisi State University.

Since 1990 Vice-director, Research & Development Institute of of the Pharmacochemistry.

Member ofáGeorgian Pharmacologists Society,áGeorgian Oncologists Society

Scientific Degree Awarding Councils of Tbilisi State University (specialty: cytology) and Tbilisi Veterinary Institute (specialty: pharmacology).

Participation in scientific meetings

1st International Symposium of Histochemistry, Warsaw, 1963

2nd International Congress of Histocytochemistry, Frankfurt, 1964

1st USSR National Symposium ýCellular Mechanisms of Histogenesisţ, Moscow, 1976

2nd USSR National Symposium ýCellular mechanisms of Histogenesisţ, Tashkent, 1980

1st USSR National Symposium ýChemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology of Indole derivativesţ, Tbilisi, 1983

Soviet-Indian Symposium on Natural Plant Compounds, 1983

4th USSR National Cancer Congress, Leningrad, 1986

7th USSR National Symposium ýProtein and Peptide Chemistryţ, Tallinn, 1987

5th USSR National Conference ýBiology of cultured cellsţ, Leningrad, 1987

4th USSR National Congress of Pathophysiology, Kishinew, 1989

Soviet-Yugoslav Conference on ýNeurotransmitters: Ontogenetic and Neurobiological aspects, Moscow, 1989

European AIRR Conference, Tbilisi, Georgia, 1999

Scientific conference on Nasodren use in treatment of sinus symptoms in Barcelona, 2008

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