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Wednesday 28 Feb 2024
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Dmitry Zabolotny

Doctor in Medicine (1987), Professor (1991), Fallow† of the Ukranian Academy of Sciences (2000) In 1971 he graduated from Chernovitsy Medical Institute.

Since 1985 he has been Director of the Kolomiychenko Otolaryngology Institute, Ukranian Academy of Sciences (until 2000 known as the Kolomiychenko Otolaryngology Research Institute, Ukranian Ministry of Health).

He is the author of 400 scientific papers. Doctoral thesis: ìClinical and Experimental foundations and development of the principles of combined therapy for nonspecific allergic and inflammatory diseases of the upper airways with the use of immunomodulators from the phenylimidazothiazoline familyî.

Main area of professional practise: problems of otolaryngology, immunology, allergology and oncology.

On the basis of clinical and experimental trials of local and systemic immunity carried out using a multidisciplinary combined approach for the first time in history, some principles have been developed concerning the local application of natural and synthetic immunomodulators for the prevention and treatment of nonspecific allergic and inflammatory diseases of the upper airways and the ear.

Chairman of the Ukranian Scientific Association of Otolaryngologists about sinus; member of the board of the European Federation of Otolaryngologists.

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