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Wednesday 28 Feb 2024
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Liudmila Chernyshova

Doctor in Medicine (1989), Professor (1993), Head of the Department of Childrenís infectious diseases (1992).

She graduated from Kiev Medical Institute in 1964. 1989: doctoral thesis ´Clinical and immunological properties of the early period of adaptation during natural and directed microbial colonization in newborn infantsª.

150 publications. Research field: problems of infectious diseases and immunodeficency in children. Director of four doctoral theses.

Diploma cum laude awarded by the Ukranian Ministry of Health(2001).

Director of childrenís immunology at the Ukranian Ministry of Health (1998)


Neonatal diseases. Kiev, 1993 (section)

Childrenís medicine. in 2 vol. ñ Kiev, 1995 (sections)

Current problems of the vaccination campaigns against childrenís infectious diseases. Ternopol. Ukrmedkniga, 2001 (coauthor)


1. L.I. Chenyshova, et alt. Acute infection caused by Campylobacter jejuni (campylobacteriosis) in children // Sovremennaia infektsia.-2000.- 2.- pp.49-54.

2. L.I. Chenyshova, .P. Kostiuk, D.V. Samarin, et alt. Specific aspects of the treatment of secretory and invasive diarrhea in children // Pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology.-2000.- 1.-pp.19-22.

3. L.I. Chenyshova, V.V. Siniachenko, .V. Naumenko. Mucosal immunity and its correction in upper airway infections // Perinatology and pediatrics.-2001.- 3.- S.72 -74

Other publications on symptoms of sinus.

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